Recent additions and updates to the members area will be listed here. This page is viewable even if you are not logged in so that you can easily see what updates have been added 

01/11/2018 - Added latest (November 2018) Lincolnshire FHS Journal. Also added Anwick Parish to Miscellanous Poor Law; Carlton Scroop 1801-2 and Fenton 1735-36 to the unfilmed Bishops Transcripts; Freiston April 1793 and Sutton St Mary October 1800 to the Annual Servant Hirings pages.

25/09/2018 - Added the following documents. Misc Poor Law - Anderby Parish; Bishops Transcripts - Boston St Botolph 1723 and a new Dissenters' Certificates section with the first part now available.

24/09/2018 - Exchange Journals for Bedfordshire FHS, Cambridgeshire FHS and Yorkshire Archaeological & Historical Society added to the Exchange Journals page

01/09/2018 - Aberdeen FHS (Aug 2018) Exchange Journal, Algarkirk Parish (Miscellaneous Poor Law), Benniworth 1686 (Bishop's Transcripts), Holbeach May 1800 (Annual Servant Hirings), Gainsborough Correspondence Bk1 1890-1891 (Workhouse Corresponsdence) and the first instalment for Louth Union in a new section Workhouse Admission/Discharge Books

06/08/2018 - The August 2018 LFHS Journal added. Also a large number of journals from other societies have been added to the Exchange Journal page - Aberdeen FHS (May 2018), Barnsley FHS (July 2018), Bedfordshire FHS (June 2018), Buckinghamshire FHS (Summer 2018), Calderdale FHS (June 2018), Cambridgeshire FHS (Summer 2018), Essex FHS (August 2018) and Yorkshire Archaeological & Historical Society (Spring 2018)..

13/05/2018 - Added the following documents. Misc Poor Law - Sutton in the Marsh and Wainfleet St Mary Poor Law; Bishops Transcripts - Kirkby cum Osgodby 1677-78 and Londonthorpe 1737-38; Annual Hiring of servants - Spalding 1797

04/05/2018 - The May 2018 LFHS Journal added. Also the May edition of the Chesterfield and District FHS Journal has been added to the Exchange Journal page.

18/04/2018 - Added new Annual Hiring Fair section with list for Holbeach April1799. Also added Unfilmed Bishop's Transcripts for Frodingham and Gedney and Misc Poor Document for Blankney Par. Also added Exchange Journal for Barnsley FHS.

11/04/2018 - Added Exchange Journals for Nottinghamshire FHS (Jan 2018 and Apr 2018) and Calderdale (Jun 2017, Sep 2017 and Mar 2018)

04/03/2018 - Added approximately 200 entries from NTT parish registers to the Strays index. Added Exchange Journals for the following Family History Societies - Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Chesterfield and District, and Essex.

08/02/2018 - Added exchange journal for Calderdale FHS (an additional society to the list of exchange journals avaialble to our members)  

31/01/2018 - Added current edition of the Lincolnshire FHS Journal and an Exchange Magazine for Essex FHS, Added new Workhouse Correspondence section with first entry for Sleaford Union 1837. Also added documents for, Burton Coggles (3) and Edenham 1673 to the Miscellaneous Poor Law section; added Binbrook St Mary 1632-33 to the Unflimed Bishops Transcripts

09/01/2018 - Added Exchange Magazines for Barnsley FHS and Yorkshire Archaeological & Historical Society

01/01/2018 - Added Bedfordshire FHS journal to Exchange Journals page.

09/11/2017 - Added our own Journal for November 2017 to the members only area. Also added the latest edition of the Chesterfield and District FHS Journal to the Exchange Journals page.  

03/11/2017 - Added to the Miscellaneous Poor Law Documents page: South Carlton Removal Order, Stragglethorpe 1745-46, Tumby Removal Orders and Wragby 1649-50. Added pages for Elizabeth Hizzett 1853 and John King 1853 to the Criminal Lunatics Maintenance Orders page.

22/10/2017 - October 2017 Exchange Journals for the following societies uploaded - Barnsley FHS, Nottinghamshire FHS and Yorkshire Archaeological & Historical Society 

08/09/2017 - Added two Unfilmed Bishops Transcripts (Uffington 1768 and Walesby 1632-33) and two Miscellaneous Poor Law Documents (Barnetby le Wold Parish and Morton by Bourne). Also added List of Donors in the Market Rasen Wesleyan Methodist Circuit Wesleyan Methodist Historic Roll as mentioned in the August 2017 Journal to the Articles contributed by members section

08/09/2017 - Added magazines for the following societies to the Exchange Journals page: Barnsley FHS (Jul 2017), Bedfordshire FHS (Sep 2017), Cambridgeshire FHS (Autumn 2017), Chesterfield and District FHS (Sep 2017) and Nottinghamshire FHS (Jul 2017)

05/08/2017 - Added August 2017 Journal, Bishops Transcripts - Holbeach 1689-90, Ingham 1694-5 and Lincoln St Swithin 1609-10; Misc. Poor Law documents - Thornton Curtis Misc Docs, Thornton Curtis Removal Orders, West Torrington Miscellaneous Documents