Chapman codes are a set of 3-letter codes used in genealogy to identify the administrative divisions in the United Kingdom, Ireland, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands. The codes in this version are for the pre-1974 counties.

They are listed here to assist with identifying records in the Member's and Surname Interest, Strays and other tables on the website. 




ABD Aberdeenshire Scotland
AGY Anglesey Wales
ALD Alderney Channel Islands
ANS Angus Scotland
ANT Antrim Northern Ireland
ARG Armagh Northern Ireland
ARL Argyllshire Scotland
AYR Ayrshire Scotland
BAN Banffshire Scotland
BDF Bedfordshire England
BEW Berwickshire Scotland
BKM Buckinghamshire England
BRE Breconshire England
BRK Berkshire England
BUT Bute Scotland
CAE Caernarvonshire Wales
CAI Caithness Scotland
CAM Cambridgeshire England
CAR Carlow Ireland
CAV Cavan Ireland
CGN Cardiganshire Wales
CHS Cheshire England
CLA Clare Ireland
CLK Clackmannanshire Scotland
CMN Carmarthenshire Wales
CON Cornwall England
COR Cork Ireland
CUL Cumberland England
DBY Derbyshire England
DEN Denbighshire Wales
DEV Devonshire England
DFS Dumfries Scotland
DON Donegal Ireland
DOR Dorset England
DOW Down Northern Ireland
DUB Dublin Ireland
DUR Durham England
ELN East Lothian Scotland
ERY East Riding of Yorkshire England
ESS Essex England
FER Fermanagh Northern Ireland
FIF Fifeshire Scotland
FLN Flintshire Scotland
GAL Galway Ireland
GLA Glamorganshire Wales
GLS Gloucestershire England
GSY Guernsey Channel Islands
HAM Hampshire England
HEF Herefordshire England
HRT Hertfordshire England
HUN Huntingdonshire England
INV Inverness-shire Scotland
IOM Isle of Man
IOW Isle of Wight England
JSY Jersey Channel Islands
KED Kincardineshire Scotland
KEN Kent England
KER Kerry Ireland
KID Kildare Ireland
KIK Kilkenny Ireland
KRD Kircudbrightshire Scotland
KRN Kinross-shire Scotland
LAN Lancashire England
LDY Londonderry Northern Ireland
LEI Leicestershire England
LET Leitrim Ireland
LEX Leix (Queens) Ireland
LIM Limerick Ireland
LIN Lincolnshire England
LKS Lanarkshire Scotland
LND London England
LOG Longford Ireland
LOU Louth Ireland
MAY Mayo Ireland
MDX Middlesex England
MEA Meath Ireland
MER Merionethshire Wales
MGY Montgomeryshire Wales
MLN Midlothian Scotland
MOG Monoghan Ireland
MON Monmouthshire Wales
MOR Moray Scotland
NAI Nairnshire Scotland
NBL Northumberland England
NFK Norfolk England
NRY North Riding of Yorkshire England
NTH Northamptonshire England
NTT Nottinghamshire England
OFF Offaly Ireland
OXF Oxfordshire England
PEE Peebleshire Scotland
PEM Pembrokeshire Wales
PER Perthshire Scotland
RAD Radnorshire Wales
RFW Renfrewshire Scotland
ROC Ross and Cromarty Scotland
ROS Roscommon Ireland
ROX Roxburghshire Scotland
RUT Rutland England
SAL Shropshire England
SEL Selkirkshire Scotland
SFK Suffolk England
SLI Sligo Ireland
SOM Somerset England
SRK Sark Channel Islands
SRY Surrey England
SSX Sussex England
STI Stirlingshire Scotland
STS Staffordshire England
SUT Sutherland Scotland
TIP Tipperary Ireland
TYR Tyrone Northern Ireland
WAR Warwickshire England
WAT Waterford Ireland
WEM Westmeath Ireland
WES Westmorland England
WEX Wexford Ireland
WIC Wicklow Ireland
WIG Wigtownshire Scotland
WIL Wiltshire England
WLN West Lothian Scotland
WOR Worcestershire England
WRY West Riding of Yorkshire England