11:00am on Saturday, 13 Jan 24 came around just a bit quicker than we really wanted!!  I was still printing posters, and hadn't got them all located outside.  In the IT Suite, at 10:45am, last minute adjustments to the software caused nervous hysteria, as the photograph of Neal Bower and Tracey Fairhurst proves.

Representatives of the volunteers who had put so much time in to making this move a success, assembled in the Library ready to meet the visitors.  The photograph shows, from Left to Right, Graham Heath, Brenda Overton, Neal Bower, Tracey Fairhurst, David Ingleby and Anne Cole.  It was regretful that Ann Lillywhite and Brenda Coulson were both indisposed.  Also, our Webmaster, Steve Pickthall, unfortunately could not make it.  But we say thanks to all who have taken part, by presence or behind the scenes, to help in what has been a major undertaking.

Ready for visitors
It's too late now

At the planned time, Anne Cole, our Chairman cut the ribbon, and we were OPEN!

The day was busy, with 24 visitors signing into the centre, familiar faces and new faces.  We must also thank Jean Parkin who did an outstanding job keeping coffee and tea flowing for us all.

We look forward to meeting more members, now that we have a more accessible and pleasant location.  Do come soon, while there are still a few biscuits left!

Graham Heath
Manager, LFHS Resource Centre