The 31st July was EUREKA Day!!

The final load of rubbish was taken away by our removal firm.  I suppose I am not allowed to advertise, but if you are moving in the Lincoln area, "The Lincs Man with a Van"  are a great team, and did us proud.

The photos show the "Coal 'ole" behind the shutters, before and after the clearance.  I think this will be a sight that many of our members have not seen for a long while!


Actually, it nearly didn't happen - When I went in there to open the shutters, I found it had a padlock.  Where was the key?  I'd packed it of course.  Eventually, after a chase in my car, I got the key!

The last photos show downstairs and upstairs, almost clear. (And before you email me, YES, I do know there is a table left there!!)


Tomorrow is a cleaning day, then I am going on holiday!!  Hurrah!!

Graham Heath